St. Clair and the Streetcar

St. Clair and the Streetcar is a tale from the ancient city of York, a city where primitive people once lived in an overgrown forest of plumbing and appliances, buildings grew from brick-shaped seeds and cars and trucks were wild beasts.  Clair Muir-Marie was the only child of two window cleaners.  After her parents are injured on the job, Clair must support them by gathering the staples and sneakers which grow on the telephone poles in her neighbourhood.  As she wanders the streets and dangles from cables she befriends a streetcar and trains him to carry her throughout the city.

St. Clair and the Streetcar is adapted from one of the many urban folk tales which appear in my novel One Hundred Stories Up.  You can download it for free in any of the following formats:



2 Responses to St. Clair and the Streetcar

  1. Matthew Lie - Paehlke says:

    This story conforms in part to the common trope of a child befriending a beast — e.g. Pliny the Younger’s Dolphin Story or the song ‘Puff the Magic Dragon’.

  2. Danny says:

    Really loved it – and badly want to see it animated. Sweetness!

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