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I’m trying to kick start a new project.  I’ve done almost all I can to reduce my own carbon footprint, we bike or take transit, I’ve given up flying, I’m eating more vegan and vegetarian meals and I’ve almost completely given up beef… but it still doesn’t feel like enough, so I’ve developed a set of carbon reduction pledges based partly on research and consultations with people who know more than I do about this topic and partly on my own experience.

One thing I learned while trying to change my daily habits was that some changes are harder than you expect and some are easier.  Cycling more (we bought a Babboe cargo bike and ride our daughter to school every day) has not only been easy, but is great in some many ways.  I’m getting more exercise which improves my mood and sleep and our three-wheel bike is turning heads and that always makes me smile.The point is — experimenting with daily habits feels tough at first, but sometimes the changes turns out to be way better than what you were doing before.  Because of this discovery, I was sure to add trial or introductory changes like trying a vegan restaurant or shifting one common errand to active transportation to my list of pledges.

The other thing I learned is that what changes are easy to make depends on your overall situation, so this pledge initiative won’t ask you to do anything in particular — you don’t have to go vegan or give up flying or driving — you can look over the options and decide what changes will work for you.

Please, check it out and make a pledge.  It might turn out to be good for you.


About Matthew Lie - Paehlke

Matthew Lie-Paehlke is a PhD student in Urban Planning at the University of Toronto.
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