Preparation – Sign and QR Codes

I have now finished working on the sign.  Putting to use my kindergarten education, I used pencil to see if the words fit before writing them in PERMANENT marker.  This turned out to be a good idea, as I lined various things up poorly on my first attempt.  Just as I was erasing a particularly egregious misplacement … it was time to help Myrtle prepare dinner so I left things write where they were:

After that, I printed up some qr codes to put on the flyers and the poster.  This was actually surprisingly easy to do and I encourage you to do it yourself on any promotional material you might make.  I just went to this website ““, typed in the links I wanted — one for Timothy’s blog and one for each of the major e-book retailers I’m using –and then I right-clicked to copy the images and pasted them into word where I was able to resize them without affecting their effectiveness.  PRO TIP: It doesn’t actually matter which way is up, the scanner will rotate it before processing.

Here is some creepy guy holding the completed sign.


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