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About Matthew Lie - Paehlke

Matthew Lie-Paehlke is a PhD student in Urban Planning at the University of Toronto.

Extinction Rebellion Toronto

While Climate Pledge Collective is still growing, I’ve also gotten involved with Extinction Rebellion Toronto.  Check them out!

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Climate Pledge Collective

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I’m trying to kick start a new project.  I’ve done almost all I can to reduce my own carbon footprint, we bike or take transit, I’ve given up flying, I’m eating more vegan and vegetarian meals and I’ve almost completely … Continue reading

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IMNOTBUYINGIT: Are you trying to crash the economy?

After Trump was elected, I was mad.  And when the stock market started climbing as companies said, ‘actually this isn’t so bad, we can make this work for us,’ I was furious.  In darker moments, I wanted to see the … Continue reading

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IMNOTBUYINGIT: Dump Trump and Improve the World

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Donald Trump rose to power upon a coalition of white supremacists and those willing to look the other way as long as he delivers higher profits.  If the profit margins decline, this coalition will collapse.  Those who are opposed to … Continue reading

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5 Ways to Dematerialize Christmas

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With climate change looming large in my mind, I’ve been in a bit of a gloom — normally a holiday to spend time with friends and family would help shine a little light in the darkness, but all the compulsive … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Justin Trudeau and other world leaders

Each time I read an article about climate change, I feel a violent, visceral fear, almost as though I just realized I was trapped inside a room that was slowly filling up with water. I sweat and tremble and fight the … Continue reading

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Good Writing #3: Imagined Space and the Page

I greatly enjoy when a description makes use of the shape of its paragraph or the space of the page. This does not exactly mean positioning words on the page, but rather thinking about how the eye passes over a … Continue reading

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The Practice of Everyday Life

The Practice of Everday Life by Michel de Certeau offers a philosophical investigation of a variety of quotidian activities including walking, cooking and reading.  The bulk of the investigation involves ‘tactics’ and ‘strategy,’ two terms which de Certau has poached … Continue reading

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The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

Hela cells were the first human cells to continuously reproduce outside of a human body.  They were shared with laboratories throughout the world and used in thousands of important experiments, including verifying the safety of the polio vaccine.  They are … Continue reading

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Come Meet Me

It’s been hard to find the time to write anything other than essays now that I’m back in school, however, over the Christmas break, I managed to polish up a story that I wrote last summer.  You can read about … Continue reading

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