Mallborn is the story of a 5-year old boy who disappears in the Eaton Centre.  After hiding out overnight, he reveals himself to a friendly-looking police officer only to discover that nobody can see him.  Invisible and alone, he fashions a home for himself inside the mall and experiments with various methods of communicating with the crowds of people passing all around him.

Mallborn is a short story which is available as a free download here.

St. Clair and the Streetcar is a folk tale from an alternate Toronto.  After her parents are injured at work, Clair Muir-Marie has to support the family by gathering the staples and sneakers which grow on the telephone poles in her neighbourhood.  As she wanders the streets and dangles from cables she befriends a streetcar and trains him to carry her throughout the city.

St. Clair and the Streetcar is adapted from one of the many urban folk tales which appear in my novel One Hundred Stories Up.  It is available as a free download here.

One Hundred Stories Up is a series of Just So Stories about ice cream trucks, sneakers and suburbs. It is an instructional manual for repainting your neighbourhood with your own private dreams. It is a book about cities, a book about the printed word and a book about home-made culture. One Hundred Stories Up is a 176,000 word, completed novel.

The full query letter is available here.

Bboyizm is a comedy about breakdancers which captures the culture right down to the cyphers, slanguage and swaggadocio.  When our hero, Bboy Villin, discovers that half of his crew is planning to enter Body Rock with those ass-jerks from Lost Empire crew, he’s forced to assemble a ragtag group of misfits, loners and wizened veterans for the big battle.  In less than 72 hours, Villin and his new crewmates commit Grand Borrow Auto, backflip into a shelf of yogourt at a grocery store and throw the ultimate birthday for a seven-year-old boy; if they’re lucky they might even remember to register for Body Rock so they can get their revenge on  Lost Empire.

Bboyizm is a 77-page screenplay.  Please contact me for more information.

EVERYBODY WAKE UP! is a feature length sci-fi thriller which fuses the raw emotion of 2011’s global street protests with the ominous technology of the Matrix.  In a future America where idle neurons can be used to run experiments and simulations, those who fall behind on their debts will be imprisoned and chemically subdued so their brains can be rented out by the hour.  When William Benson’s fiancee is taken from him just days before their wedding, he takes to the streets to demand her release and finds himself caught up in violent street clashes, corporate intrigue and a battle for public opinion which he must win at all costs.

Everybody Wake Up! is a 119-page screenplay.  Please contact me for more information.