Matthew Lie – Paehlke was born on a farm near Mathers Corners.  He was a nicens little boy and his first word was ‘cows.’  These days, his idea of heaven is a Tokyo-sized Toronto.

Matthew graduated from U.T.S. in 1998 and migrated a few blocks south in order to weave together an undergraduate degree in Semiotics, Religion and Philosophy at the University of Toronto.  He spent one fantastic year teaching English in Japan and since then he has worked in the public library, as a breakdancing instructor and as a software tester.  In 2005, he completed the Humber College Correspondence Program in Creative Writing and, in 2013, he earned a Masters in Adult Education and Community Development from O.I.S.E.

He is currently doing a PhD in Urban Planning at the University of Toronto and running the Foundation for Indoor Public Spaces.

This website is about the various things he reads and writes and, lately, it is more and more about politics and activism.