IMNOTBUYINGIT: Are you trying to crash the economy?

After Trump was elected, I was mad.  And when the stock market started climbing as companies said, ‘actually this isn’t so bad, we can make this work for us,’ I was furious.  In darker moments, I wanted to see the whole thing come crashing down.  More than anything, I felt increasingly disgusted with myself for participating in a system that was doing so much damage to people and the planet.  I wanted out.  But of course, the economy is where we all live, for better or for worse, so change must come gradually rather than rapidly.  There’s no way for us to completely turn our back on big companies, but we can do our best to step lightly, and feel a little bit better about ourselves as a result.

IMNOTBUYINGIT is a campaign to change the economy, not crash it.

We want jobs and food and music and fashion and ideas and therapists and sports and toys and all those things, but we don’t believe that we need to produce them all in a way that benefits mainly the wealthy, damages the environment and scapegoats marginalized groups to distract people from the real problems in our society.  Sometimes people forget that schools and governments and charities are all part of the economy and they all employ people, shifting money away from profitable global companies and towards smaller enterprises, NGOs and governments doesn’t necessarily reduce employment, it may even increase it — and jobs in organizations with non-profit mandates are often more meaningful and satisfying to boot.


IMNOTBUYINGIT recognizes that our current world order is dangerous and unsustainable.  It also recognizes that the work we do, our lifestyles and our options for leisure and entertainment are mainly organized by large, global companies — companies which have supported Trump or quietly looked the other way as they planned to adapt to the new state of the world.  We won’t change much without changing our daily lives, without giving more people the opportunity to do work that makes the world a better place to live, instead of work that just pays the bills, without finding ways to relax and celebrate that aren’t so damaging to the environment.  Our current path is horrifying, high-speed journey off a cliff, so the moral thing to do is to take a step back, slow down and try to build a better world.  And we will do that by spending less and spending differently, by looking for organizations and enterprises that are committed to a better world and by spending as little as possible with companies that pretend the status quo is A-OK.

What’s more, right now, Donald Trump is fighting to cut banking regulations put in place in 2010 in response to unrestrained speculation that crashed the global economy.  IMNOTBUYING is aiming for a sustainable, stable economy that works for everyone, not the type of rollercoaster-ride, get-rich-quick economy that benefits the fast money.  If anyone is trying to crash the economy right now, it’s Trump himself.





About Matthew Lie - Paehlke

Matthew Lie-Paehlke is a PhD student in Urban Planning at the University of Toronto.
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